Panasonic LC-R127R2P1 (12 Volt/7.2 Amp Hour) Sealed Lead Acid Battery - 0.250 Terminal - VRLA (AGM) Technology

Product Information
  • High quality and reliability
  • Exceptional deep discharge recovery
  • No corrosive gas generation
  • Long service life
  • Quick chargeability
  • High power density
  • Maintenance-free operation
Manufacturer Panasonic
Model LC-R127R2P1
SKU 34L104S4
PPS Family CodeSL104
Weight 5.5
Dimensions 5.95" (L) x 2.54" (W) x 3.71" (H)
Dimensions (mm)151mm (L) x 65mm (W) x 94mm (H)
Product Notes

0.250'' FASTON Quick Disconnect Terminal

The following list contains products that use or battery manufacturers that offer this style of battery. Please verify the detailed specifications of your equipment before ordering (voltage, dimensions, and terminal type). You may also contact us if you have any questions.

Make/Model Make/Model Make/Model
Access SLA1270YFR Access SLA1265 Access SLA1270
Access SLAA80108G Access SLA1272 Access SLA1270GS
Amstron AP-1270F2 Amstron 12V 7Ah Amstron AP-1272F2
Amstron 12V 7.2Ah Amstron 12V 7.5Ah Amstron 12V 35Watt
APC BackUPS ES 8 Outlet 500VA APC BE500R APC RBC110
BB BPL7.5-12 BB BP7.5-12 BB EP7-12
BB BPL7-12 BB BP7.2-12 BB EVP7-12
Belkin F6C650-USB-MAC Belkin F6H650-SER Belkin F6C650
Belkin F6C425-SER Belkin F6C625-SER Belkin F6C625
Belkin F6C525-SER Belkin F6C525 Belkin F6C500-USB-MAC
Belkin F6C500-USB Belkin F6C500 Belkin F6H650-USB
Belkin Pro F6C425 Belkin F6C325-SER Belkin Regulator Pro Gold 625
Belkin Regulator Pro Gold 525 Belkin Regulator Pro Gold 425 Belkin Regulator Pro Gold 325
Belkin Pro Gold F6C500-USB Belkin Pro Gold F6C425-SER Belkin Pro Gold F6C250-USB
Belkin Pro F6C650 Belkin Pro F6C625 Belkin Pro F6C525
Belkin F6C550-AVR - Rev.A Belkin F6C425 Belkin BERBC31
Belkin BU306000 Belkin BU3DC000-12V Belkin F6C1000
Belkin F6C127-BAT Belkin F6C127-BAT-ATT Belkin F6C127-BAT-AVR
Belkin F6H650 Belkin F6C350-USB-MAC Belkin F6C350-USB
Belkin F6C325 Belkin F6C129-BAT Belkin F6C1272-BAT
Braun T1100 CSB GP1270F2 CSB GPL-1272F2
CSB GP1272 F2 CSB GP1272 CSB GP1270 F2
CSB HR1270 CSB GPL1275 CSB GP6512
CSB GH1270 CSB GP1265 CSB GP1270
CSB EVX1270 CSB GP1272F2 CSB EVX1272F2
CSB HC1228W Dantona LEAD127 Douglas Guardian DG126
Douglas Guardian DG127 Douglas Guardian DG127F Douglas Guardian DG12-7F
Douglas Guardian DBG126.5 Douglas Guardian DBG127F Douglas Guardian DBG12-7F
Douglas Guardian DBG126 Douglas Guardian DBG127 Douglas Guardian DG126.5
Eagle Picher CFM12V6 Elk ELK-1270 Elk ELK-1280
EnerSys 12V 7Ah EnerSys NP7-12FR EnerSys 12V 35Watt
EnerSys NP7-12T Exide EP7.5-12H Exide EP7-12
Exide EP1229W Genesis NP7-12T Genesis NP7-12FR
Global Yuasa ES612 Global Yuasa ES6512 GS Storage PE12V7
GS Storage PE12V7.2F1 GS Storage PWL12V7 GS Storage PX12072
GS Storage PE12V7.2F2 Haze HZS12-7.5 Hitachi HP7-12
IBT BT7-12 IBT BT7.5-12 Interstate 12V 7.5Ah
Interstate SLA1079 Interstate SLA1075 Interstate SLA1077
Interstate ABSL1075 Interstate ABSL1079 Interstate ABSL1080
Interstate PC1270 Interstate SLA1076 Interstate SLA1081
Interstate SLA1078 Interstate SLA1080 Interstate BSL1079
Interstate SLA1069 Interstate SLA3041 Jolt SA1272
Kung Long WP7.2-12 Kung Long WP8-12 Kung Long WP7-12
Leoch LP12-7.0 Marathon Power Athlon 700 POWER UPS Marathon Power Athlon 1000 POWER UPS
Marathon Power Athlon 1500 POWER UPS Marathon Power Athlon 2000 POWER UPS Marathon Power Athlon 3000 POWER UPS
Marathon Power Athlon 700RM POWER UPS Marathon Power Athlon 1000RM POWER UPS Marathon Power Athlon 1500RM POWER UPS
Medtronic 540 Blood Pump Medtronic 200 Biopack MiniMoto 15428-MIS-001
MK ES7-12 Panasonic LC-R12V7.2P1 Panasonic LC-R12V7.2P
Panasonic LC-R12V7.2 Panasonic LC-R12V7 Panasonic LC-R12V65BP1
Panasonic LC-R12V6.5PBP Panasonic LC-R12V6.5P-1 Panasonic LC-R12V6.5P1
Panasonic 12V 7.5Ah Panasonic LC-R12V6.5P Panasonic LC-R12V7.2PI
Panasonic LC-R12V72P1 Panasonic LC-R12V6.5 Panasonic VB 43130
Panasonic LC-R127R2P-F2 Panasonic VB 2650 Panasonic UP-RWA1245P1
Panasonic LC-V12V65BP Panasonic LC-RB126R5P Panasonic VB 42050
Panasonic LC-R12V7P1 Panasonic LC-R12V72PL Panasonic LC-R12V6.5BPI
Panasonic LC-R12V6.5BP1 Panasonic LVP127R2P Panasonic LC-P126R5P
Panasonic LC-P127R2P Panasonic LC-R126.5P1 Panasonic LC-R12-6.5P1
Panasonic LC-R126R5PG Panasonic LC-R127CH1 Panasonic LC-R127R2CH1
Panasonic LC-R127R2CHI Panasonic LC-R127R2P1 Panasonic LC-R127R2PG
Panasonic LC-R127R2PG1 Panasonic LC-R127R2PU2 Panasonic LC-R12V6.5BP
Panasonic BT2007P Portalac PX12072 Portalac PE12V7
Power Patrol SLA1079 Power-Sonic PS-1270 Power-Sonic 12V 7Ah
Power-Sonic PS-1272 Power-Sonic PS-1280 R&D 5390
R&D 5505 Rhino SLA7-12/T25 Ritar RT1270E
Ritar 12V 7.2Ah Ritar 12V 7.5Ah Ritar RT1280
Ritar 12V 7Ah Ritar RT1275 Ritar RT1272
Sonnenschein 1510KW Sonnenschein A212/6S Sonnenschein A312/5.7S
Sonnenschein 7190432 Sonnenschein 412/5.5 SR Sonnenschein A51265S
Sonnenschein A5127.0S Sonnenschein CR127.2 Sonnenschein NGA51206D5HSOSA
Sonnenschein 789543200 Sonnenschein 10 15KW--120 Sonnenschein A512/6.5S
Sonnenschein A212/5.7S Sonnenschein 1510KVA Sonnenschein 95432
Sonnenschein A512/6.5SR Tempest TR7.2-12 Tempest TR7.5-12A
Union PW1207 Union MX-12070 F2 Union MX-12070
Universal 45566 Universal UB1270 Vision CP1272
Vision CP1275 Volcano KB1270 Yuasa NP7-12FR
Yuasa 12V 7Ah Yuasa NPW36-12 Yuasa 12V 7.5Ah
Yuasa NP7-12T Yuasa NP7-12F2 ACME Security System 624
ACME Security System 625 ACME Security System RB12V6 ACME Security System 623
ACME Security System 622 ACME Security System 621 ACME Security System 626
Ademco ALARM NET Ademco VISTA 128BP Ademco VISTA 128B
Ademco VISTA 50PUL Ademco 25360 Ademco VISTA 128BPT
Ademco PWPS12120 Ademco PWPS1270 Ademco 5140XM
Ademco 4140XMPT Ademco 4140XMP Ademco 4120EC
Ademco VISTA 40 Ademco 7720V Ademco 772010
Ademco VISTA 50P Ademco VISTA 250BP Ademco 5743
Ademco 25310 Ademco VISTA 250BPT ADI VISTA 128BP
ADI 5140XM ADI PWPS1270 ADI 5743
ADI PWPS12120 ADT Security Alarm 477967 ADT Security Alarm DSC Power 832
ADT Security Alarm 7603 ADT Security Alarm 899953 (Option) Alarmnet 7845C
Altronix SMP5PMP4CB Altronix SMP5PMCTXPD16CB Altronix SMP5PMCTXPD16
Altronix SMP5PMCTX Altronix SMP3PMP8CB Altronix SMP3PMP8
Altronix SMP5PMCTXPD8CB Altronix SMP5PMP16 Altronix SMP5PMP16CB
Altronix SMP5PMP4 Altronix SMP3PMP4CB Altronix SMP3PMP4
Altronix SMP10PM12P8 Altronix SMP10PM12P8CB Altronix SMP10PMC12X
Altronix SMP3PMCTX Altronix SMP3PMCTXPD16 Altronix SMP3PMCTXPD16CB
Altronix SMP3PMCTXPD8CB Altronix SMP3PMP16 Altronix SMP3PMP16CB
Altronix SMP10PM12P4CB Altronix SMP5PMP8 Altronix SMP5PMP8CB
Altronix AL125ULP Altronix AL201UL Altronix AL62412C
Altronix AL62412CX Altronix AL62424C Altronix AL6246C
Altronix AL624E Altronix AT4 Altronix PT724AE
Altronix SMP312C Altronix SMP312CX Altronix SMP3E
Altronix AL125UL Altronix AL100UL Altronix SMP7CTX
Altronix SMP7PMCTX Altronix SMP7PMCTXPD16 Altronix SMP7PMCTXPD4
Altronix SMP7PMP16 Altronix SMP7PMP4 Altronix SMP7PMP4CB
Altronix SMP7PMP8 Altronix SMP7PMP8CB Altronix AL1012ULM
Altronix AL602UL2ADA Altronix AL400ULACM Altronix AL1024ULACM
Altronix AL400UL3X Altronix AL300ULXPD16CB Altronix AL300ULXPD16
Altronix AL300ULXD Altronix AL175ULX2 Altronix AL1042ULADA
Altronix AL400ULACMCB Altronix AL400ULADA Altronix AL400ULXPD16
Altronix AL600ULXPD16CB Altronix AL600ULXPD16 Altronix AL600ULXD
Altronix AL600ULADA Altronix AL600ULACMCB Altronix AL600ULACM
Altronix AL600UL3X Altronix AL400ULXPD16CB Altronix AL1042UL2ADA
Altronix AL1024ULXR Altronix AL1012ULXPD4CB Altronix AL1012ULXPD4
Altronix AL1012ULXPD16CB Altronix AL1012ULXPD16 Altronix AL1012ULACMCB
Altronix AL1012ULACM Altronix AL1002ULADA Altronix AL1002UL2ADAJ
Altronix AL1012ULXPD8 Altronix AL1012ULXPD8CB Altronix AL1024ULACMCB
Altronix AL1024ULXPD8CB Altronix AL1024ULXPD8 Altronix AL1024ULXPD4CB
Altronix AL1024ULXPD4 Altronix AL1024ULXPD16CB Altronix AL1024ULXPD16
Altronix AL1024ULX Altronix AL1024ULM Altronix AL1002UL2ADA
Altronix AL602ULADA Altronix SMP10PM12P4 Altronix AL400ULXR
Altronix AL400ULX Altronix AL400ULPD8CB Altronix AL400ULPD8
Altronix AL400ULPD4CB Altronix AL400ULPD4 Altronix AL400ULMR
Altronix AL400ULM Altronix AL300ULXR Altronix AL300ULX
Altronix LPS5C12X Altronix AL600UL3 Altronix AL600ULM
Altronix AL600ULMR Altronix SMP10PM12P16CB Altronix SMP10PM12P16
Altronix SMP10C12X Altronix MP3PMCTXPD8CB Altronix LPS5C24X
Altronix AL600ULXR Altronix AL600ULX Altronix AL600ULPD8CB
Altronix AL600ULPD8 Altronix AL600ULPD4CB Altronix AL600ULPD4
Altronix AL400UL3 Altronix AL642UL2ADA Altronix AL300ULPD8
Altronix AL300ULPD4CB Altronix AL300ULPD4 Altronix AL300ULMR
Altronix AL300ULM Altronix AL176ULX Altronix AL176UL
Altronix AL1024ULMR Altronix AL175ULX Altronix AL125ULX
Altronix AL125ULE Altronix AL800ULADA Altronix AL642ULADA
Altronix AL300ULPD8CB Ansul Alarms H1000 Ansul Alarms 98454
Digital Security Power832 - Option 2 Digital Security PC4050C Digital Security BD 712
Digital Security Power432 - Option 2 Digital Security Power632 - Option 2 Digital Security Power864 - Option 2
DSC Alarm System RB712 DSC Alarm System PC1550 DSC Alarm System PC2550
DSC Alarm System PC1500 DSC Alarm System Exaltor E1270 DSC Alarm System Exaltor E1275
DSC Alarm System BD7.2-12 DSC Alarm System BD7-12 DSC Alarm System DSC BD7-12
DSC Alarm System PC3000 DSC Alarm System BD6.5-12 Fire Lite BAT-12120
Fire Lite FCPS-24FS6 Fire Lite 40 Fire Lite BAT-1270
Fire Lite BG12L GE Security Alarm Caddx/NetworX NX-4 - 12v 7ah GE Security Alarm Caddx/NetworX NX-6 - 12v 7ah
GE Security Alarm Caddx/NetworX NX-8E - 12v 7ah GE Security Alarm Caddx/NetworX NX-8 - 12v 7ah Kelvinator Scientific AUDIO ALARM
Napco Alarms RBAT6 Napco Alarms GEM-P816 - 12v 7ah Protection One BT0354N
Silent Knight 5395 Silent Knight 5204



Panasonic Industrial Devices Sales Company of America

Many products sold by Fortune 500 companies are in fact Powered by Panasonic technology, and we are proud to provide manufacturers with the performance, quality, and reliability that are synonymous with the Panasonic brand.

The Power of Panasonic Industrial Devices brings strategic innovations to our customers’ product development process. We provide the technology and engineering resources to enable manufacturers to plan and build world-class solutions to meet their customer needs.

Engineering and manufacturing power form the core of our company’s strength, infusing our entire product line, from the smallest chip to giant HD displays.

Prior to becoming a global consumer electronics powerhouse, Panasonic began its existence by developing component and material technologies that still serve as the building blocks for the wide range of advanced products for which our company is best known today, and this development continues.

Panasonic technology is deeply embedded within our customers’ products, so consumers may not realize that their refrigerator has at its heart a Panasonic compressor, their mobile device relies upon our components and batteries, or their favorite product was manufactured with the help of Panasonic factory automation equipment. Our measure of success is the confidence and trust shown in our technology when it becomes the power behind our customers’ products.

Visit the Panasonic Industrial battery website

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Panasonic LC-R127R2P1

  • Brand: Panasonic
  • Product Code: LC-R127R2P1
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $20.00

  • 4 or more $19.50
  • 20 or more $18.75
  • 50 or more $18.00
  • 100 or more $17.25

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