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CSB Battery

As a leading global manufacturer of Valve Regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA) batteries, CSB's products are utilized in over 100 countries for telecommunications, UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply), Solar, Wind Power, emergency lighting, security and many other additional applications. Founded in 1986, CSB is a leading manufacturer of VRLA batteries providing over 4 million batteries monthly.

One of the main factors driving the company's continued growth is CSB's worldwide distribution network and the consistent quality of their products. CSB batteries, all are rechargeable, highly efficient, leak proof and maintenance free, certified by ISO and UL. The wide array of CSB customers have come to know and trust the quality and reliability of its' products and services. CSB is committed to developing next generation VRLA products and growing its worldwide distribution network. With over two thousand employees, CSB is confident in providing you a better and more reliable total solution.

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EnerSys and its predecessor companies have been manufacturers of industrial batteries for over 100 years. The current company was formed in late 2000 to acquire from Yuasa Corporation (Japan) its reserve power and motive power battery businesses in North and South America.

In March 2002, we acquired the reserve power and motive power business of the Energy Storage Group of Invensys plc. In June 2005, we acquired the motive power battery business of FIAMM, S.p.A. (FIAMM), which complements our then existing European motive power business. We also made smaller acquisitions of a producer of specialty nickel-based batteries based in Germany; a producer of lithium power sources, primarily for aerospace & defense applications located in the USA; a lead-acid battery business in Switzerland; a manufacturing facility in China, and a 97% interest in a producer of industrial batteries, located in Bulgaria.

Today, our reserve power batteries are marketed and sold principally under the PowerSafe, DataSafe, Hawker, Genesis, ODYSSEY and CYCLON brands. Our motive power batteries are marketed and sold principally under the Hawker, IRONCLAD, General Battery, Fiamm Motive Power, Oldham and Express brands. We also manufacture and sell related direct current DC power products including chargers, electronic power equipment and a wide variety of battery accessories. Our battery products span a broad range of sizes, configurations and electrical capabilities, enabling us to meet a wide variety of customer applications.

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Since 1986, Evergreen (C.P.) USA Inc. has been offering quality batteries to OEM's and distributors in the US market from their South San Francisco based warehouse. We are your source for primary and secondary batteries with over 25 years of manufacturing expertise by our parent company, Chung Pak Battery Works Ltd.

Our Engineering team is dedicated to developing "green" batteries. Chung Pak invests substantially in improving their plant facilities, using the latest technologies and the most cost-effective and eco-friendly resources to produce products for a greener environment, as well as to optimize product quality and consistency. Our product line includes batteries that do not contain any mercury, lead or cadmium.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide our customers with green energy solutions for their portable power requirements by offering an extensive line of quality heavy duty, alkaline, button cell and rechargeable batteries.

We strive to offer superior products, competitive prices and excellent service.

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GS Battery

GS Battery (U.S.A.) Inc. is an American subsidiary of GS Yuasa Corporation of Japan, the world leader in motorcycle and standby storage batteries, which serves the power sports, telecommunications, UPS, and the emergency lighting markets. GS Battery (USA) Inc. recently entered the renewable energy photovoltaic and storage market in North America. GS Battery’s headquarters' in Roswell, Georgia, is the home of the first commercial solar installation with batteries in the state of Georgia.

GS Yuasa Corporation's businesses include the manufacture and supply of batteries, power supply systems, lighting equipment, specialty and other electrical equipment. In order to allow us to offer products and services that best meet the needs of our customers around the world, we are continually making modifications and improvements to our R&D, manufacturing, and distribution systems, ensuring that they have a global focus.

As technological innovation accelerates in the energy and environmental fields, new values are required in the storage battery industry. These challenges serve to motivate us and we continually advance with new products and new technologies into the changing world before us. Our corporate slogan, "Next to you", is where we seek to be as we work towards meeting the needs of the changing world.We give 100% to making your life richer, to turning your dreams into reality, and to help build a common future for everyone.

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Panasonic Industrial Devices Sales Company of America

Many products sold by Fortune 500 companies are in fact Powered by Panasonic technology, and we are proud to provide manufacturers with the performance, quality, and reliability that are synonymous with the Panasonic brand.

The Power of Panasonic Industrial Devices brings strategic innovations to our customers’ product development process. We provide the technology and engineering resources to enable manufacturers to plan and build world-class solutions to meet their customer needs.

Engineering and manufacturing power form the core of our company’s strength, infusing our entire product line, from the smallest chip to giant HD displays.

Prior to becoming a global consumer electronics powerhouse, Panasonic began its existence by developing component and material technologies that still serve as the building blocks for the wide range of advanced products for which our company is best known today, and this development continues.

Panasonic technology is deeply embedded within our customers’ products, so consumers may not realize that their refrigerator has at its heart a Panasonic compressor, their mobile device relies upon our components and batteries, or their favorite product was manufactured with the help of Panasonic factory automation equipment. Our measure of success is the confidence and trust shown in our technology when it becomes the power behind our customers’ products.

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Portable Power

Portable Power Systems, Inc. has provided the medical industry with high quality battery packs, unsurpassed customer service and industry best pricing since 1992. We provide OEM and equivalent batteries, replacement battery packs and conversion systems for medical equipment including mobile x-ray, C-arms, and many biomedical applications. We stock most of our medical battery systems and are able to ship via most common carriers. Orders placed by 3:00 MST are usually ship the same day from our Denver, Colorado warehouse.

We strive to be a full solution battery provider, offering design, consultation, validation, manufacturing, installation and service across all the battery technologies.

Portable Power Systems offers the highest quality OEM Batteries from suppliers including Panasonic Industrial (Sanyo), EnerSys (Hawker), GS Battery (Yuasa/Portalac), Powersonic, CSB Battery and Evergreen Battery.


Power-Sonic Corporation has more than 40 years experience in the battery industry. From our inception in 1970 our total corporate focus has been the design, manufacture, and marketing of rechargeable batteries and chargers.

Our products are sold in over 70 countries worldwide for a broad range of electronic and industrial applications, where cost effective DC power is required. In addition, we are constantly developing new products to keep pace with industry’s rapidly changing needs. The continuous improvement of our engineering processes allows us to develop products with better value and/or performance. The capability to provide our customers with reliable and economical products is the cornerstone of our business.

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