Cross Reference Tables

The below cross reference tables are at your disposal to find the right battery for your system or to find an equivalent battery to what you already have.

Medical Batteries

Find the batteries for your medical equipment, including GE, OEC, Philips, FujiFilm, Bennett, Virtual Imaging, Shimadzu, and more.


We carry batteries that fit your APC UPS System.  Use the table to find the voltage and capacity required in your Replaceable Battery Cartridge.


Use this cross reference table to find a variety of form/fit/function equivalent batteries that range from economical to premium to suit your equipment needs.

Looking for some simple troubleshooting steps?


External Resources

Portable Power is not sponsored by and does not in any way receive compensation for the sites listed here, nor are we promoting their products.  We simply find their information very helpful.

´╗┐Battery University

All kinds of useful information on all types of batteries.

Battery Tender´╗┐

A great introducton to lead acid batteries.

Battery Equaliser

A more detailed look at lead acid batteries, their life cycle, proper maintenance and testing.

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Safety Data Sheets

Use the links below to bring you directly to each manufacturerÔÇÖs SDS

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