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Betta Batteries is a market leading power solutions company that develops and commercialises next generation batteries. A creative accelerator specialised in ground breaking innovations and green technologies. Its international team of engineers has unparalleled passion and vision. Betta Batteries focus on the commercialisation of industrial batteries based on the unique Lead Crystal® technology, while continuing the development of innovative clean power solutions. They want to give industry the power to change.

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Lead Crystal

To overcome the fundamental flaws of lead-acid, gel and AGM batteries, such as plate sulphation, active material loss, high water loss rate, serious

Moreacid pollution, poor low temperature performance, short life cycle, poor transport safety, and other inherent problems, Betta Batteries successfully developed Lead Crystal® batteries. Our Unique proprietary technology has allowed us to develop a battery that doesn’t solve the problems around Lead Acid, gel and AGM batteries, it eliminates them!

Betta Batteries Hong Kong is the Only manufacturing facility of Lead Crystal® batteries worldwide.



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