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CNFT Deep Cycle

CNFT Deep Cycle

The next evolution in battery technology
Compared to mainstream rechargeable industrial batteries, a Lead Crystal battery always perform better due to their unique and patented characteristics.

The technology
The patented Lead Crystal™ technology uses a specially advanced formula, a new type of composite SiO2 electrolyte developed to completely replace traditional sulphuric acid solution. When charged/discharged the liquid electrolyte transforms into a crystallized state leaving hardly any free liquid electrolyte in the battery, effectively resulting in a dry cell.

Compared to mainstream rechargeable industrial batteries like lead acid, lead gel and AGM batteries, a Lead Crystal battery perform as follows:


  • Can be charged faster (Very low internal resistance)
  • Can be discharged deeper (even to 0 Volts!)
  • Have an operating temperature from -40 to +65 Celsius
  • Can be charged below 0 degrees Celsius
  • Can be cycled more often (1500 @ 80% DOD, 3800 @ 50%, 6000+ @ 20%)
  • Have very low gassing (IEC 60896-21/11 – less than 2% of normal AGM)
  • Can be used in a partial state of charge
  • Can be stored for 2 years without top-up charging
  • Hold no cadmium, no antimony and < 5% sulphuric acid (Amazing Environmental Credentials)
  • Require no special ventilation or cooling
  • Come with a Standard 3 Year warranty across the range


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