The Leader in Battery Chemistry

We are an industry leader in capabilities for new technologies. In fact, we were a leader in the development of lithium-ion — the latest and most advanced battery technology — for the defense, space, aviation and medical markets.

With the breadth of chemistries we offer, EaglePicher is the one-stop shop for batteries for all your mission-critical applications. We are dedicated to delivering the most efficient and longest-lasting batteries for our customers’ high-tech uses.

Product Lines

Lead Acid

Our lead acid line consists of several types of batteries. Having produced absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries since the late 1960s, EaglePicher

Moreexpanded its line to include Deep Cycle batteries. Each battery design offers unique characteristics to accommodate the needs of SLA users today.

With the wide range of sizes and power we offer, EaglePicher batteries can be found around the globe. For instance, our AGM batteries are most efficiently used in float applications, such as emergency lighting and telecommunications back-up while our Deep Cycle batteries are best suited to cyclic applications, such as wheelchairs and solar power. Our lead acid batteries are also found in military applications, high-reliability data storage backup systems, and electric fence chargers.

We strive to provide accurate information in our library. For critical projects, be sure to verify information with the most up to date spec sheet from the manufacturer.