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The purity of the materials used is key to supporting the CYCLON battery's performance benefits. A longer service life, meaning fewer replacements

Moreand the cost associated with it, combined with higher reliability and fewer system failures, result in a lower long term cost of ownership to the end user or equipment owner.

CYCLON batteries have a resealable 50 PSI safety valve which lets gases escape, then automatically reseals, so there's no risk of excessive gas accumulation within the battery, or "dry out" failure from repeated recharges.

Made from 99.99% pure lead, CYCLON battery plates are extremely thin, so they offer more surface area then conventional batteries and far more power.  High purity acid is absorbed right into the Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) plate separators, so the CYCLON battery provides leak-proof operation in any position. 

In addition, the CYCLON battery's metal outer jacket offers extreme shock, vibration, temperature and flammability protection.


With the growth of integrated networks and systems, dependence on continuous power has never been more critical. As the global leader in stored

Moreenergy solutions for industrial applications, EnerSys® provides a wide range of reserve power batteries for Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) markets worldwide.

With large manufacturing plants strategically located throughout the world, combined with a strong global support team and world-leading technology, our customers benefit from supply reliability and high quality products designed to meet their UPS needs.



EnerSys Thin-Plate-Pure-Lead (TPPL) products are valve regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries made with absorbed glass mat (AGM) construction.


More type is a recombinant battery. This means that the oxygen evolved at the positive plates will recombine with the hydrogen generated at negative plates creating water and preventing water loss. Absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries absorb the electrolyte in a fiber-glass mat separator.

An integrated pressure vent aids oxygen recombination and reduces water loss. A porous fiber glass material is used to separate the plates, retain electrolyte at the surface of the electrodes for electron transfer, and allow oxygen migration. High grade acid is used in conjunction with high purity virgin lead for the grids, active materials, and current collectors. The plates are thin which allows more plates per available volume relative to traditional lead-acid batteries.

Markets and applications served by TPPL batteries are telecommunications, cable TV, emergency lighting, load leveling, hybrid electric vehicles, engine start, uninterrupted power supply (UPS), computer back-up, medical equipment, solar power data processing, electronic, defense, aviation, oil and gas industry, and material handling.



A gel battery has the sulfuric acid electrolyte mixed with silica material to form an immobilized gel.  VRLA - Gel batteries are recombinant

Moretype and do not require water addition, and emit less gas than VLA (flooded) type lead-acid batteries.  Gel batteries reduce the electrolyte evaporation and spillage that are common to the VLA (flooded) battery.  Gel batteries are considered to have greater resistance to extreme service temperatures.  

Although Gel batteries belong to a VRLA category, its construction is similar to VLA (flooded) batteries except for the gelled electrolyte.  A Gel battery’s separator material is generally not an Absorbent Glass Mat, but microporous plastic material.



The ODYSSEY battery line from EnerSys provides superior power and performance for cars, trucks, boats, powersports, fleet vehicles and


Thanks to its rugged construction including Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) technology and AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) design, ODYSSEY batteries deliver twice the overall power and three times the life of conventional batteries.

Please visit www.odysseybattery.com to learn more about ODYSSEY batteries and to find the right ODYSSEY battery for your vehicle.


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