A gel battery has the sulfuric acid electrolyte mixed with silica material to form an immobilized gel.  VRLA - Gel batteries are recombinant type and do not require water addition, and emit less gas than VLA (flooded) type lead-acid batteries.  Gel batteries reduce the electrolyte evaporation and spillage that are common to the VLA (flooded) battery.  Gel batteries are considered to have greater resistance to extreme service temperatures.  

Although Gel batteries belong to a VRLA category, its construction is similar to VLA (flooded) batteries except for the gelled electrolyte.  A Gel battery’s separator material is generally not an Absorbent Glass Mat, but microporous plastic material.


  • Recombinant type where water additions are not necessary
  • Resistant to extreme service temperature ranges
  • Produces less hydrogen
  • Maintenance-free


Model Voltage Capacity (Ah) Dimensions Weight 
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