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PDC Series

PDC Series

The Power Sonic PDC series of deep cycle AGM batteries provide enhanced performance and excellent reliability in long duration cycling applications. The oversized negative plates and specialized paste formulation of the PDC series provides constant power for longer periods of time without shortening the life of the battery. Purpose built for applications that require regular and consistent cycling (charge and discharge), the deep cycle AGM battery series offer an exceptionally long cycle life compared to standard AGM making them the ideal batteries for mobility, medical, golf and renewable energy applications.


  • Deep cycle AGM battery
  • Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology for superior performance
  • low internal resistance suitable for high current discharge applications
  • Specialized paste formulation for superior cyclic performances
  • Power/volume ratio yielding unrivalled energy density
  • Proven valve regulated technology that guarantees safe operation without maintenance
  • Rugged impact resistant ABS case and cover


Model Voltage Capacity (Ah) Dimensions Weight 


127.5 Ah @20 Hr5.94" x 2.56" x 3.7"5.5 lbs.Details


127.5 Ah @20 Hr5.94" x 2.56" x 3.7"5.5 lbs.Details


127.5 Ah @20 Hr5.94" x 2.56" x 3.72"5.5 lbs.Details


128.5 Ah @20 Hr5.94" x 2.56" x 3.7"6.1 lbs.Details


128.5 Ah @20 Hr5.94" x 2.56" x 3.72"6.1 lbs.Details


1213 Ah @10 Hr5.94" x 3.94" x 3.82"9.5 lbs.Details


1227.8 Ah @20 Hr6.54" x 6.89" x 4.92"20.5 lbs.Details


1225.7 Ah @20 Hr6.5" x 4.92" x 6.89"20.9 lbs.Details


1220 Ah @10 Hr7.17" x 3.03" x 6.46"15 lbs.Details


1235 Ah @20 Hr7.68" x 5.12" x 6.46"24.9 lbs.Details


1240 Ah @20 Hr7.76" x 6.5" x 6.69"31.9 lbs.Details


1260 Ah @20 Hr9.06" x 5.43" x 8.66"38.9 lbs.Details


1280 Ah @20 Hr10.24" x 6.61" x 8.27"49.9 lbs.Details


1292 Ah @10 Hr12.05" x 6.61" x 8.27"60.9 lbs.Details


12100 Ah @10 Hr12.99" x 6.81" x 8.35"66.1 lbs.Details


12214 Ah @20 Hr20.55" x 9.45" x 8.58"137.7 lbs.Details


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