Power Sonic has been delivering quality, reliable and safe battery solutions worldwide for nearly 50 years. Our battery products are designed and manufactured using the latest state-of-the-art equipment and subject to the most stringent quality control. This process is key to ensuring both consistency and reliability with any product that carries the Power Sonic name.

Our range of battery products includes sealed lead acid (SLA) and lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) technologies, chargers and related accessories. As well as supplying a wide range of battery products we also provide cutting-edge energy storage solutions for smarter energy management.

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PHR Series
Power Sonic’s high-rate PHR series provide constant power backup that UPS systems and critical backup...
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PSH Series
Power Sonic PSH series of high-rate sealed lead acid batteries have been designed and engineered specifically...
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PS Series
Power Sonic PS series of sealed lead acid batteries have been designed with AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat)...
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PG Series
With a thicker plate design and use of high purity lead, the Power Sonic PG series provides a longer...
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