PowerSafe DDr

PowerSafe DDr

PowerSafe DDr batteries offer an ideal solution for railroad signal and communication applications. They’re designed with several integral features that not only maximize performance, but also assure the battery will meet even the most stringent quality standards.Valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) recombinant technology means no watering is required throughout the life of the product, while thicker positive plates help ensure longer life.In addition, the welded/epoxy, dual post seal design provides the highest integrity seal in the industry. The large copper post design enhances the high rate performance. Cells are encased in dedicated protective steel cans (modules) that maintain constant, uniform compression for the life of the cell. The easy to use integral handles allow for fast, simple installation even in the most difficult locations.



■  Capacity 105 to 500 Ah

■  Lead-calcium alloy

■  VRLA recombinant technology – no watering required

■  Steel can construction offers protection in rugged conditions

■  100% out of the box capacity