PowerSafe G

PowerSafe G

Engineered to meet the requirements of the power industry with its industry leading features, PowerSafe G batteries are one of the best out there. The PowerSafe G product family features calcium plates which demonstrate maximized performance in long discharge applications, allow the battery to tolerate high temperatures, and along with extra thick positive grids make the PowerSafe G family of batteries one of the most rugged on the market.As industry requirements for less maintenance increase, the PowerSafe G family continues to be a proven solution. They’re designed with an electrolyte reserve for reduced watering requirements to allow for a longer water interval. Thick lead-calcium grids maximize performance and help to provide for 100% initial capacity out of the box.The placement of copper inserts within the posts maintains excellent short duration high-current performance, while individual posts make monitoring individual cell performance possible.



■  Capacity from 930 to 3900 Ah

■  20 year life expectancy in float service at 77 degrees F

■  100% initial capacity

■  Thick grids which provide excellent rate performance and long life

■  Individual posts to monitor individual cell performance

■  Electrolyte reserve reduces watering requirements

■  Slide-Lock post seal design