PowerSafe GN

PowerSafe GN

PowerSafe GN batteries were initially released in 1978 to serve the nuclear industry. And today, it’s still the trusted battery for nuclear power plants due to our engineering and manufacturing expertise.PowerSafe GN batteries are built in accordance to a Quality Management System that encompasses 10CFR50 Appendix B and NQA-1 requirements and has become the battery of choice for the resurgent US nuclear market.Covering a full gamet of range from 1140AH to 3600AH the Powersafe GN battery is a robust calcium flat plate. PowerSafe GN batteries are qualified to IEEE535 as a battery that can be utilized in Class 1E nuclear applications.



■  Specifically suited for demanding complex load profiles

■  Optimum ratio of plate surface area to electrolyte volume

■  20 year design life

■  Flat plate construction – calcium alloy grids