PowerSafe LMS

PowerSafe LMS

Engineered specifically for the rail industry, PowerSafe LMS batteries feature greater cranking ability and a high reserve capacity for auxiliary equipment, making it ideal for diesel starting applications.
Built with durability in mind, the rugged construction of PowerSafe LMS batteries means failures due to internal shorts are nearly eliminated and make the battery perfect for demanding applications. A state-of-the-art element design provides 10% more cranking power at lower temperatures. Copper inserted intercell connectors and terminals reduce electrical resistance and provide greater sustained starting power. The heat seal cover eliminates costly resealing and prevents electrolyte leakage, corrosion buildup, and power loss due to electrolyte leakage. The battery’s unique positive plate design and construction provides up to 35% more useful capacity into the same space as conventional designs.A three year no charge warranty and an eight year total pro rata warranty coupled with extended watering levels mean reduced maintenance costs to your bottom line.



■  Capacity range 280-440 Ah

■  Lead-calcium alloy

■  High cranking ability at low temperatures

■  Extended watering levels and low maintenance costs

■  Eight year life expectancy in service at 77ºF (25°C) ambient temperature