PowerSafe MS500

PowerSafe MS500

Featuring fully insulated connectors for safety, PowerSafe MS500 batteries are the first choice of railroads around the world. The Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) design eliminates watering requirements yielding lower maintenance costs. The battery’s protective steel tray, heat sealed cell covers and heavy duty high impact polypropylene jars make it one of the most rugged in the market. The large copper inserted posts enhance the high rate performance demonstrated by the PowerSafe MS500 battery’s extreme cranking ability. The plates feature a high performance design which provides a high reserve capacity for auxiliary equipment.A 100% warranty for the first two years and six years pro-rated, along with a nationwide service network means PowerSafe MS500 batteries are easy on your overall bottom line.



■  Capacity 500 Ah

■  Lead antimony alloy for cycling applications

■  Valve regulated design with recombinant technology eliminates watering requirements

■  Extreme cranking ability at low temperatures

■  High reserve capacity for auxiliary equipment

■  8 year life expectancy in service at 77ºF