PowerSafe UB

PowerSafe UB

PowerSafe UB diesel starting batteries feature individual flooded cells encased in a durable high-impact container. The battery cells utilize antimony alloy grids, high porosity microporous separators and solid lead posts, all which help deliver great cranking ability for heavy duty diesel starting applications.The inherent characteristics of the PowerSafe UB battery result in extended watering intervals yielding overall lower maintenance costs over the life of the battery.A 100% warranty for the first two years and six years pro-rated along with a nationwide service network means PowerSafe UB batteries are easy on your overall bottom line.



■  Capacity range 500-650 Ah

■  Lead antimony alloy for cycling applications

■  Proven flooded design

■  Extreme cranking ability at low temperatures

■  High reserve capacity for auxiliary equipment

■  Eight year life expectancy in service at 77ºF (25°C) ambient temperature