Model Pre-fix Application


Main Power


General Purpose


Standby Power


Standby Power – Long Life


Standby Power – Long Life with Flame Retardant Case


Indicator Indication
First pair of numbers (ex. LC-R127R2P or LC-P067R2P1) Voltage (ex. 12V or 6V)
Next pair of numbers (ex. LC-RD1217P or LC-R127R2P)) Amp-hour rating (ex. 17Ah or 7.2Ah)
Split second pair of numbers (ex. LC-R127R2P or LC-R067R2P1) Decimal place in the amp-hour capacity (ex. 7.2Ah)
Trailing lone P (ex. LC-P067R2P or LC-X1228P) F1 spade type terminal or Nut/Bolt terminal for batteries over 15Ah. (ex. F1 or NB)
Trailing number 1 (ex. LC-P067R2P1 or LC-RA1215P1 F2 spade type terminal
Trailing AP (LC-X1220AP or LC-X1228AP) Threaded post for terminal type


Model Pre-fix Product Line Application
N/A (ex. 0819-0020) Cyclon  All Applications
NPX DataSafe Standby
HX DataSafe Standby
SBS PowerSafe Standby
NP Genesis General Purpose
 EP  Genesis Pure Lead  All Applications
XE Genesis Pure Lead  All Applications – Extreme Environment


Model Pre-fix Indicator Indication
N/A (ex. 0819-0020)  First four digits (ex. 0819-0020)  Amp-hour rating (ex. 2.5Ah)
Last four digits (ex. 0819-0020) Physical configuration (ex. 2×3)
NPX  Numbers (ex. NPX-35TFR)  Watt Rating (ex. 35 watt/cell)
HX  First number (ex. 12HX300FR)  Voltage (ex. 12V)
 Second number (ex. 12HX300FR)  Watt rating (ex. 300 watt/cell)
NP  First number (ex. NP7-12)  Amp-hour rating (ex. 7Ah)
 Second number (ex. NP7-12)  Voltage (ex. 12V)
EP  First Number (ex. G12V16Ah10EP)  Voltage (ex. 12V)
 Second Number (ex. G12V16Ah10EP  Amp-hour rating (ex. 16Ah)
 NPX, HX, NP  Trailing T (ex. NP9-12T, NPX-35TFR)) F2 type terminal
 Trailing FR (ex. 12HX35TFR, NPX-35TFR)  Flame retardant model


Model Pre-fix Translation Application
EVH Electric Vehicle H Electric vehicles and hand tools
EVX Electric Vehicle X  Electric vehicles and hand tools – Long Life
GP General Purpose  All Applications
GPL General Purpose Long Life  All Applications – Long Life
HR High Rate Discharge  Standby
HRL High Rate Discharge Long Life  Standby – Long Life
UPS Uninteruptable Power Supply  Standby
XHRL Extreme High Rate Discharge Long Life  Standby – Long Life
XTV Extreme Temperatures  Standby – Extreme Environment

Indicator Indication
First one or two two numbers in model number (ex. EVX12120F2 or GP672F2) Indicates the voltage of that model number (ex. 12V or 6V)
Numbers following voltage indicator in part number (ex. EVX12120F2 or GP672F2) Indicates capacity rating of that model number (ex. 12.0Ah or 7.2Ah)
Letter “W” following capacity indicator (ex. HR1290WFR or HRL1280W) Indicates capacity rating of that model is in watts per cell (ex. 90W or 80W)
Characters “F1” towards end of part number (ex. GP672F1 or HR1224WF2F1) Indicates F1 spade type terminal
Characters “F2” towards end of part number (ex. GP12120F2 or HR1224WF2F1) Indicates F2 spade type terminal
Letters “FR” at end of part number (ex. HR1290WFR or GP1210F2FR) Indicates flame retardant casing



Model Pre-fix Application


General Purpose


General Purpose with Flame Retardant Case



High Rate Discharge

Long Life
Deep Cycle