Software Services

World Class ERP System

As an integral part of the PhreeSoft product development team and alpha testing site for the Bizuno ERP platform, we have highly customized our systems to provide unbeatable efficiency and accuracy. When information is at our fingertips, answers to your questions happen fast.
 And with web access and a customer portal, you can get the information you need right now and in a hurry.


One Database = Unparalleled Integration

Our ERP system is integrated end to end. From our storefront to inventory management to logistics we don’t mess around. We go direct to the source for whatever we are after. Running credit card, checking stock, pulling shipping labels, or reconciling our accounts. If they have an interface, we can (or will) talk to it. One Database also means stupid crazy reporting capability. Information from almost any activity can be merged and displayed.

Integrated Accounting

Full double entry accounting with multi-store capability provides us with the ability to do more that track your purchases. We can create your own ‘store’ to provide you insight on the behind the scenes status including your orders coming in, tracking, estimated delivery dates, payment history, invoice status and more.

Inventory Management

Bizuno has extensive inventory management capability and we have taken it a step further. Analytics help manage vendor lead times, monitor status, fulfill back orders, track returns, archive manufacturers lot codes and more.


We have the ability to rate shop with the top transportation companies in the US. Our automated shipping service minimizes shipment errors and monitors your shipment from pick list to customer delivery. We even have an automated report summarizing daily shipments complete with how they fared versus expected delivery performance.

The Little Things Make a Huge Difference

Return management, quality management, automated processes, extensive reporting, integration, and direct access to the PhreeSoft programmers provides us with an advantage over everyone else out there. Need us to integrate to your system? We’ll let the tech folks handle that, but let’s just say it’s doable.