Frequently Asked Questions

What is a capacity rating and why does it matter?

Capacity is the true measure of the energy storage in the battery. Think of capacity as a gas tank in your car. The bigger the gas tank (Amp Hours or Ah) the longer it will run. The best indication of energy storage is weight – more lead = more energy. This is why two batteries with the same Ah rating may not provide the same energy.

How do I know when my battery is fully charged?

A 12V battery will have a full charge over 13V, sometimes as high as 15V, and is dependent on the charger. Once removed from the charger for a few hours, the battery will settle to a voltage of about 12.8V. This is still considered a full charge. A 12V battery measuring less than 11V is considered very dead while under 10V will cause irreversible damage – not recommended!

Do I need to charge the battery once received?

We rotate our stock with a goal of no battery dropping below 90% charge on the shelf. We do quality testing before shipping any product to ensure a minimum of 80% charged. This is typically sufficient for immediate installation.

How do I know if my equipment is faulty?

We can walk you through a variety of troubleshooting measures to help determine the cause of your equipment failure.  Step one is to test the battery voltage.  Give us a call for free over-the-phone technical support!

What do I do with my old battery?

Some batteries can be thrown away while others require recycling. Portable Power can recycle any old SLA batteries you may have. Please visit our services page for more recycle information.

Do you ship outside of the US?

Yes, but different terms and conditions apply. All orders with an international billing or shipping address are required to pay in advance via EFT. Please visit our Shipping Policy for additional information.